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Application Prospect of Fission-Powered Spacecraft in Solar System Exploration Missions

Table 4

Solar versus fission for In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) demonstration mission on Mars surface.

Power systemSPS 1A: 1/5 rate daytime onlySPS 1B: 1/5 rate full timeSPS 1C: 2/5 rate daytime onlyFPS 2: 1/5 rate full time

Total payload mass (including growth) (kg)1128242515312751
Electrical subsystem mass (kg)45517336391804
ISRU subsystem mass (kg)192192335192
Power (kW)~8 at daylight~8 continuous~16 at daylight~6.5 continuous
Solar arrays4-5.6 m diam. each4-7.5 m diam. each4-7.5 m diam. eachNone
Night productionNoYesNoYes
Liquid oxygen production (kg/sol)4.510.89.010.8
Production time of 4400 kg oxygen, including dust storm outage (sol)1098527609407
Radiation tolerance100 krad for electronics and ISRU300 krad for electronics, 10 Mrad for ISRU