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Investigation on P-Glycoprotein Function and Its Interacting Proteins under Simulated Microgravity

Table 3

Molecular function (MF) analysis of DEPs. Fold enrichment was abbreviated as FE.

No.Molecular function category valueFE score

Molecular functions related to binding
1Misfolded protein binding1.9-298.5
2MHC class I protein binding4.5-491.5
3Syntaxin-1 binding3.4-255.7
4Potassium ion binding2.2-285.4
5Sodium ion binding2.4-280.0
6Syntaxin binding7.0-322.9
7Ubiquitin protein ligase binding9.3-38.7
8GTP binding2.3-38.4
9Protein domain specific binding1.1-28.3
10Protein complex binding1.7-26.9
11Identical protein binding2.4-35.9
12Protein kinase binding2.7-25.8
13ATP binding1.2-44.6
14Protein binding5.2-54.4
Molecular functions related to others
15Sodium : potassium-exchanging ATPase activity1.8-2106.7
16Proton-transporting ATP synthase activity2.7-271.2
17Proton-transporting ATPase activity, rotational mechanism3.7-251.2
18Structural constituent of cytoskeleton5.2-326.7
19ATPase activity1.3-418.0
20GTPase activity3.1-312.9
21Cadherin binding involved in cell-cell adhesion4.3-28.7