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Progress and Development Trend of Space Intelligent Robot Technology

Table 1

Other related projects of space robots for on-orbit satellite maintenance.

Project nameCountryIntroduction of taskTimeCurrent status

RangerUSAVerify the technologies of ORU replacement, target monitoring, and multiarm coordination1992-2001Demonstration verification

ETS-VIIJapanVerify the technologies of ORU replacement, replenishment, and structural antenna assembly1992-1999On-orbit presentation

RotexGermanyVerify the technologies of multisensor manipulator and compliant control1993On-orbit presentation

XSS-10USAVerify the technologies of orbital maneuvering and circumnavigation detection2003On-orbit presentation

ROKVISSGermanyVerify the key technologies of lightweight robotic arms in real space environments2004On-orbit presentation

RRMUSAVerify the technologies of remote operation-based fuel filling and fault maintenance2011-presentOn-orbit presentation