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Polarization Flipping of Even-Order Harmonics in Monolayer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides

Figure 2

(a, b) Experimental MIR-laser-polarization dependence of (a) WS2 and (b) MoSe2 measured by rotating the MIR polarization angle while collecting the total (not polarization resolved) high-harmonic intensity. A linear scale is used for the color assignment in the figure. The inset in (a) shows that the angle is referenced from one of the crystal mirror planes. The high-harmonic yield in both materials exhibits a 6-fold symmetric pattern. (c) Simulated MIR-laser-polarization dependence of a gapped-graphene model. The input parameters are  eV,  eV, and  Å. Despite the simplicity of the model, most of the qualitative features in the experiments are captured.