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Factor 30 Pulse Compression by Hybrid Multipass Multiplate Spectral Broadening

Figure 2

Spectral broadening setup. Waveplate WP1 and thin-film polarizers TFP1 and TFP2 are used for polarization cleaning of the Yb:YAG amplifier output. Mode-matching is adjusted with the lenses L1 and L2 as well as the translation stage with mirrors M2 and M3 on it. The mirror M4 is lower than the other mirrors, such that the ingoing beam hits M4 on the top and the outgoing beam is passing it. The focal length of both MPC mirrors M6 and M7 is 100 mm. Pick-off mirror M5 has only a 4 mm vertical aperture to not clip the beam despite of the 32 roundtrips. The six 1 mm thin Kerr media are centered in the about 385 mm long MPC, mounted in lens tubes and spaced by 16 mm. The lens L3 is used for collimation, the waveplate WP2 for readjusting p-polarization to match the specification of the chirped mirrors CM1 and CM2. A wedge is used for sending the beam to all diagnostics except from a FROG-device which is behind the compressor.