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Theoretical Insights into Ultrafast Dynamics in Quantum Materials

Figure 3

The reconstructed valence electron potential of MgF2 via HHG spectra. (a) Schematics showing the high order harmonic generation in solid MgF2. (b) Ratio of the maximum of crystal () and free () electron velocities along [100] direction of MgF2 crystal as a function of field strength of the driving pulse with a carrier photon energy of 2 eV. (c) The HHG spectrum with electric field polarization along [110] direction. The HHG intensity as a function of electric field strength along [110] (d) and [100] (e) directions. The cycle symbols are the data points and the solid lines are the fitting lines. The insets in (d) and (e) shows the valence electron potential distribution along [110] and [100] directions. The solid black and dashed red lines label the potential obtained by the DFT calculation and HHG spectrum reconstruction, respectively.