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Nature-Inspired Superwettability Achieved by Femtosecond Lasers

Figure 10

Surface microstructure and wettability of the femtosecond laser-structured PDMS surfaces. (a–c) SEM images and 3D and cross-sectional profiles of the femtosecond laser-induced microgrooves array with different periods (): (a) 40 μm, (b) 20 μm, and (c) 10 μm. The basic microgrooves in (c) are destroyed due to the strong overlap of the adjacent microgrooves. (d) SEM image of the surface microstructure in (c) at high magnification. (e) Static shape of a water droplet on the homogeneous rough PDMS substrate. (f) Dynamic sequence of a water droplet rolling on the rough PDMS surface tilted at 1°. Reproduced from [102] with the permission.