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Nature-Inspired Superwettability Achieved by Femtosecond Lasers

Figure 12

Different superhydrophobic metals fabricated by the femtosecond laser. (a, b) Top (left column), side (middle column) views, and profiles (right column) of the surface microstructures of the stainless steel surfaces ablated by femtosecond laser at different laser fluences: (a) low and (b) high . Insets: water droplets on the silanized surfaces. (c) Photography of the laser-ablated platinum surface. (d) 3D profile of the microstructure of the black platinum surface. (e, f) SEM images of the rough platinum surface. (g, h) Femtosecond laser-induced superhydrophobic microstructures on (g) the brass surface and (h) the titanium surface. (i) Water repellence of the as-prepared superhydrophobic black metal. (j) Surface microstructures of the zinc surface after femtosecond laser treatment. The inset shows a water droplet on the zinc sample after dark storage. Reproduced from [106108] with the permission.