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Nature-Inspired Superwettability Achieved by Femtosecond Lasers

Figure 31

Application examples of the SLIPS fabricated based on the femtosecond laser-induced porous microstructures. (a) Controlling the magnetic droplet to slide on the slippery surface by magnetic field. (b) Manipulating bubbles to slide along a designed track on the slippery surface with the assistance of buoyancy in the water. (c) Excellent antifouling performance of the slippery stainless steel to the green alga. (d) Growth of C6 glioma cells on different PET surfaces. (e) Adhesion of fibrinogen to the original and the slippery NiTi alloys. (f) Antibacteria property of the slippery NiTi alloy. Reproduced from [128, 130133] with the permission.