Table 3: Correlations between fresh weight at 7 days after treatment (DAT7) and phenomic traits across 12 Brassica genotypes under nonstress (control), drought, heat and combined heat, and drought stress conditions. Traits without significant correlations (p ≥ 0.05) are not shown.


T2_DAT70.444 0.490 0.480
T3_DAT50.429 -0.414
VolWP_DAT30.944 0.889 0.928 0.795
VolWP_DAT70.958 0.914 0.960 0.716
VolF_DAT30.608 0.764 0.532
VolF_DAT70.473 0.810 0.574

Phenomic traits are indicated as phenomics parameter at different days after treatment (DAT); phenomics parameters include (i) six in-cabinet rapid phenotyping traits: photochemical reflectance index (PRI), photosystem II quantum yield (Qy), leaf conductance (LC), and temperature difference between (a) bud and ambient environment (T1), (b) leaf and ambient environment (T2), and (c) bud and leaf (T3); (ii) three photosynthetic traits derived from A/Ci curves: maximum carboxylation rate allowed by Rubisco (Vcmax), photosynthetic electron transport rate (ETR), and the rate of triose phosphate use (TPU); and (iii) two plant growth imaging derived phenotyping traits: whole plant volume (VolWP) and flower volume (VolF). Correlation (r) significance values are shown as p <0.05 ( ) and <0.01 ( ).