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Editorial Board

Plant Phenomics' editorial board is comprised of active researchers and experts selected from a pool of scholars who have made significant and well recognized contributions to the field. The overall duties of our editors include, but are not limited to, overseeing the review process and soliciting submissions of high quality manuscripts.

Editors-in-Chief | Managing Editor | Associate Editors


Seishi Ninomiya, PhD, University of Tokyo

Frédéric Baret, PhD, French National Institute of Agricultural Research

Zong-Ming Cheng, PhD, Nanjing Agricultural University/University of Tennessee

Managing Editor

Huan Yin, Nanjing Agricultural University

Associate Editors

Georg Bareth, PhD, University of Cologne

Jose Berni, PhD, Spanish National Research Council Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

Jennifer Clarke, PhD, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Liang Gong, PhD, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Wei Guo, PhD, University of Tokyo

Hiroyoshi Iwata, PhD, University of Tokyo

Takaharu Kameoka, PhD, Mie University

Shawn C. Kefauver, PhD, University of Barcelona

Rui Kuang, PhD, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Prakash Lakshmanan, PhD, Guangxi Sugarcane Research Institute, Nanning

Delphine Luquet, PhD, French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development

Fumio Okura, PhD, Osaka University

Andries Potgieter, PhD, University of Queensland

Tony Pridmore, PhD, University of Nottingham

Christophe Salon, PhD, French National Institute of Agricultural Research

Soumik Sarkar, PhD, Iowa State University

Asheesh K. Singh, PhD, Iowa State University

Xavier Sirault, PhD, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Christopher Topp, PhD, Danforth Plant Science Center

Wanneng Yang, PhD, Huazhong Agricultural University

Larry York, PhD, Noble Research Institute

Ji Zhou, PhD, National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB, Cambridge Crop Research)/Nanjing Agricultural University