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Mission and Scope

The mission of Plant Phenomics is to publish novel research that can advance all aspects of plant phenotyping in whole plant or cellular levels through novel mathematical and computational technologies in phenotypic data analyses. Additionally, Plant Phenomics aims to connect phenomics to other research domains, such as genomics, genetics, and physiology, and to address key scientific challenges in the areas of plant phenomics to advance plant sciences and agriculture.

The scope of the journal covers the latest technologies for high-throughput acquisition of all phenotypes, phenotypic analysis based on image analysis through machine learning, new mathematical algorithms for extracting phenotypic information, and phenomics-enabled plant biology linked to other domains in molecular biology, plant physiology, statistics, and crop models. The journal will also publish new applications of phenomics in crop cultivation, plant breeding, and agriculture.

Read more about Plant Phenomics or review Information for Authors to learn more about the different types of content and how to submit your work to Plant Phenomics.