Intelligent Drug Delivery System

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Drug delivery refers to targeting drugs to specific body sites or precisely controlling drug release rates for prolonged times. This is generally realized by innovative drug delivery platforms and breakthrough drug delivery technologies. With the skyrocketing development of biomedical, material and pharmaceutical sciences, and the constant threats of malignant diseases, these drug delivery systems based on traditional nanomedicine are still hot topics. Especially, biomimetic cell membrane camouflage delivery and stimulus response delivery systems have acted as new platforms. Besides, many novel carriers such as microneedles, extracellular vesicles, and ionic liquids are rapidly emerging and becoming the forefront of drug delivery.

In this special issue, we invited world-wide renowned experts, such as endowed academicians, Clarivate highly cited researchers and distinguished young scholars, to cover the current advances of research on drug delivery platforms and technologies. We focus primarily on the principles and strategies employed for the design, synthesis, characterization, analysis, evaluation, and translation of novel drug delivery strategies for pre-clinical and clinical applications. It is envisioned that this issue can highlight the current advances and gain hints for the design and development of related drug delivery in the future.


    Yuanjin Zhao

    Deputy Editor, Health Science, Research

    Southeast University, China

      Table of Contents

      Glymphatic System and Subsidiary Pathways Drive Nanoparticles Away from the Brain

      Rui Liu, Wenfeng Jia, Yushan Wang, Chuan Hu, Wenqi Yu, Yuan Huang, Ling Wang, Huile Gao

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9847612, 18 pages, 2022

      Integrated Au-Nanoroded Biosensing and Regulating Platform for Photothermal Therapy of Bradyarrhythmia

      Jiaru Fang, Dong Liu, Dongxin Xu, Qianni Wu, Hongbo Li, Ying Li, Ning Hu

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9854342, 14 pages, 2022

      Bioinspired Rotation Microneedles for Accurate Transdermal Positioning and Ultraminimal-Invasive Biomarker Detection with Mechanical Robustness

      Yilin Cai, Shiyi Huang, Zhinan Zhang, Jiazheng Zhang, Xingyue Zhu, Xiaoxiang Chen, Xianting Ding

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9869734, 15 pages, 2022

      Analytical Modeling of Flowrate and Its Maxima in Electrochemical Bioelectronics with Drug Delivery Capabilities

      Raudel Avila, Yixin Wu, Rinaldo Garziera, John A. Rogers, Yonggang Huang

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9805932, 13 pages, 2022

      trans-2-Enoyl-CoA Reductase Tecr-Driven Lipid Metabolism in Endothelial Cells Protects against Transcytosis to Maintain Blood-Brain Barrier Homeostasis

      Jinxuan Wang, Jianxiong Xu, Guangchao Zang, Tao Zhang, Qi Wu, Hongping Zhang, Yidan Chen, Yi Wang, Weixi Qin, Shuang Zhao, Erdai Qin, Juhui Qiu, Xiaojuan Zhang, Lin Wen, Yeqi Wang, Guixue Wang

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9839368, 15 pages, 2022

      Mussel-Inspired and Bioclickable Peptide Engineered Surface to Combat Thrombosis and Infection

      Xiaohui Mou, Hongbo Zhang, Hua Qiu, Wentai Zhang, Ying Wang, Kaiqin Xiong, Nan Huang, Hélder A. Santos, Zhilu Yang

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9780879, 14 pages, 2022

      Bionic Microbubble Neutrophil Composite for Inflammation-Responsive Atherosclerotic Vulnerable Plaque Pluripotent Intervention

      Fangfang Liu, Yang Mao, Jiaqi Yan, Yu Sun, Zhihua Xie, Fei Li, Fei Yan, Hongbo Zhang, Pengfei Zhang

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9830627, 11 pages, 2022

      Nanozyme-Triggered Cascade Reactions from Cup-Shaped Nanomotors Promote Active Cellular Targeting

      Xin Wang, Zhongju Ye, Shen Lin, Lin Wei, Lehui Xiao

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9831012, 15 pages, 2022

      Localized Myocardial Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Temperature-Sensitive Budesonide Nanoparticles during Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation

      Ye Liu, Lingling Xu, Qiuyun Zhang, Yong Kang, Lifeng Liu, Zheng Liu, Yuxing Wang, Xuejiao Jiang, Yizhu Shan, Ruizeng Luo, Xi Cui, Yuan Yang, Xinchun Yang, Xiaoqing Liu, Zhou Li

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9816234, 11 pages, 2022

      Material Engineering in Gut Microbiome and Human Health

      Letao Yang, Lin Y. Hung, Yuefei Zhu, Suwan Ding, Kara G. Margolis, Kam W. Leong

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9804014, 32 pages, 2022

      Dip-Printed Microneedle Motors for Oral Macromolecule Delivery

      Xiaoxuan Zhang, Guopu Chen, Lijun Cai, Lu Fan, Yuanjin Zhao

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9797482, 11 pages, 2022

      Helper T Cell (CD4+) Targeted Tacrolimus Delivery Mediates Precise Suppression of Allogeneic Humoral Immunity

      Jia Shen, Chang Liu, Pengpeng Yan, Meifang Wang, Luying Guo, Shuaihui Liu, Jianghua Chen, Jessica M. Rosenholm, Hongfeng Huang, Rending Wang, Hongbo Zhang

      Research, vol. 2022, Article ID 9794235, 15 pages, 2022