Nanofabrication of 2D Materials & Devices

Special Issue


Two-dimensional (2D) atomic sheets are atomically thin, layered crystalline solids with the defining characteristics of intralayer covalent bonding and interlayer van der Waals bonding. With the development of graphene and transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD), Xenes, MXenes, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent organic frameworks (COFs), even metal nanosheets, 2D crystals have demonstrated outstanding properties to generate immense interest for both conventional semiconductor technology and the nascent flexible nanotechnology. 

In this special issue, we invited world-wide renowned experts, such as endowed academicians, distinguished young scholars and Clarivate highly cited researchers, to cover recent progresses and challenges in emerging 2D materials science and device engineering, including growth, surface and defect engineering, micro/nano fabrication, and their (opto)electronic, optical, spintronic and memory devices for information and sensing technologies. 

    Guest Editors

    Li Tao, Southeast University, China 

    Deji Akinwande, The University of Texas at Austin, USA 

      Table of Contents

      Recent Advances in Two-Dimensional Magnets: Physics and Devices towards Spintronic Applications

      Research, vol. 2020, Article ID 1768918, 19 pages, 2020. 

      Vertikasari Puspita Ningrum, Bowen Liu, Wei Wang, Yao Yin, Yi Cao, Chenyang Zha, Hongguang Xie, Xiaohong Jiang, Yan Sun, Sichen Qin, Xiaolong Chen, Tianshi Qin, Chao Zhu, Lin Wang, and Wei Huang

      Two-dimensional Borophene: Properties, Fabrication and Promising Applications

      Research, vol. 2020, Article ID 2624617, 23 pages, 2020.

      Han Zhang, Xiaobing Yan, Zhongjian Xie, Xiangying Meng, Xiangnan Li, Weiyuan Liang, Weichun Huang, Keqiang Chen, Jianming Chen, Chenyang Xing, Meng Qiu, Bin Zhang, Guohui Nie, and Ni Xie

      Nanoelectromechanical Sensors based on Suspended 2D Materials

      Research, vol. 2020, Article ID 8748602, 25 pages, 2020.

      Max C. Lemme, Stefan Wagner, Kangho Lee, Xuge Fan, Gerard J. Verbiest, Sebastian Wittmann, Sebastian Lukas, Robin J. Dolleman, Frank Niklaus, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Georg S. Duesberg, and Peter G. Steeneken

      Optical Patterning of Two-Dimensional Materials

      Research, vol. 2020, Article ID 6581250, 15 pages, 2020.

      Pavana Siddhartha Kollipara, Jingang Li, and Yuebing Zheng

      Defect Engineering in 2D Materials: Precise Manipulation and Improved Functionalities

      Research, vol. 2019, Article ID 4641739, 14 pages, 2019.

      Jie Jiang, Tao Xu, Junpeng Lu, Litao Sun, and Zhenhua Ni

      Two-Dimensional Pnictogen for Field-Effect Transistors

      Research, vol. 2019, Article ID 1046329, 21 pages, 2019.

      Wenhan Zhou, Jiayi Chen, Pengxiang Bai, Shiying Guo, Shengli Zhang, Xiufeng Song, Li Tao, and Haibo Zeng

      Engineering Epitaxial Silicene on Functional Substrates for Nanotechnology

      Research, vol. 2019, Article ID 8494606, 8 pages, 2019.

      Carlo Grazianetti and Alessandro Molle

      2D Materials Optoelectronic Memory: Convergence of Electronic Memory and Optical Sensor

      Research, vol. 2019, Article ID 9490413, 17 pages, 2019.

      Feichi Zhou, Jiewei Chen, Xiaoming Tao, Xinran Wang, and Yang Chai