Table 1: Copolymerization results of olefins with MAH. Copolymerization of typical olefins in C4/C5/C9 fractions with MAH.

Name Observation Yield

C4 fraction
Butadiene dispersion70%
1-Butene dispersion60%
2-Butene solution0

C5 fraction
1-Pentene dispersion65%
Cyclopentene dispersion60%
2-Methyl-1-butene dispersion70%
2-Methyl-2-butene dispersion40%
2-Pentene solution0
Isoprene dispersion75%
1,4-Pentadiene dispersion70%
1,3-Pentadiene dispersion65%
Cyclopentadiene dispersion40%

C9 fraction
α-Methyl styrene dispersion60%
Dicyclopentadiene dispersion65%
Indene dispersion94.5%

Olefin: MAH is 1:1 (mol), monomers concentration is 20 wt%, AIBN is 3 wt% relative to monomers, and reaction temperature is 70°C for 6 hours. IA. IA/n-hexane (3/1). Ethyl oenanthate/n-hexane (1/1), AIBN 5 wt%. IA/n-heptane (2/1).