Table 1: Alzheimer’s disease vaccines at the clinical or preclinical stage.


AN1792A NoneQS-21Th1/Th2Terminated
ACC-001A CRM197 QS-21Th1/Th2Terminated
Affiris AD02mimic A KLHAlum Th2Terminated
CAD106A VLP§None----Phase 2
V950Aβ N-terminalISCOMATRIXQuil ATh1/Th2Terminated
UB-311A CpG+AlumTh1/Th2Phase 2
A Th epitopesδ-inulin+CpGTh1/Th2Pre-clinical
ABvac40C-term. Aβ40KLHAlum Th2Phase 2
ACI-24A LiposomesMPLATh1/Th2Phase 2
Lu AF20513[A ]3Tetanus toxin--------Phase 1
AADvac1Tau-C- KLHAlum Th2Phase 1

(◊) Immunity means the type of immunity induced by the adjuvant, as reported in the literature and not the one described for the vaccine in question. ( ) CRM197 nontoxic diphtheria toxin. ( ) Alum a traditionally assumed Th2 adjuvant has many proinflammatory properties [67, 68]. (§) VLP are virus-like-particles derived from Qβ phage. ( ) UBITh is a proprietary set of T helper epitopes derived from MVT, PT and TT [75]. () MPLA monophosphoryl lipid A.