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Figure 3: Electronic structure modulation in PdSx- heteronanorods. (a) Ni 2p XPS spectra of -Ni3S4 and pure Ni3S4, showing a decrease of ~0.96 eV after coupling Ni3S4 with . (b) Ni K-edge XANES spectra of -Ni3S4, Ni3S4, and Ni foil reference. (c) EXAFS Fourier-transformed k3-weighted χ(k) function spectra of -Ni3S4, Ni3S4 and Ni foil reference. (d) S K-edge XANES spectra of -Ni3S4, pure Ni3S4, and . (e) EELS spectra of -Ni3S4 and Ni3S4 at Ni K-edge. Insets show the representative positions of EELS acquisition. Scale bars, 10 nm. (f) Ultraviolet photoelectron spectra of -Ni3S4, pure Ni3S4, and .