Space: Science & Technology Special Issues

Open for Submissions

Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061
A high-level summary of the main conclusions of the “Planetary Exploration, Horizon 2061" foresight exercise and articles dealing with specific aspects of each of the four pillars or their interfaces.

Advances in Dynamics and Control of Micro/Nano Satellites
Providing a forum for both theoreticians and practitioners to exchange their latest achievements and identify critical issues and challenges for further investigation in the aerospace dynamics and control field

    Closed for Submissions

    Moon & Mars Missions: Analogues & Research
    Addressing Moon & Mars research through data analysis, development of instruments and enabling technologies, and space probes.

    Small Platforms for Planetary Exploration: Missions and Technologies
    Presenting the current and future trends in the use of small space platforms for planetary exploration.

    Artificial Intelligence in Space Weather Forecast
    Outstanding advances in the field of space weather forecasting that are related to the wide range of AI approaches.

      Published Special Issues

      Entry, Descent, and Landing of Tianwen-1 Mars Mission
      A collection of articles about the Tianwen-1 Mars Mission

      Space Robot
      The latest works by robotics researchers facing the diverse problems related to space robots.