Critical Lunar Science Problems for Future Exploration

The Science Partner Journal Space: Science & Technology presents a special issue: Critical Lunar Science Problems for Future Exploration.


Lunar science problems continuously play an important role in guiding the future space exploration missions, because the Moon is considered as a natural planetary science laboratory for understanding the origin and formation of the Earth-Moon system and the early evolution history of our solar system. This special issue invites top Chinese scientists in the lunar science community to discuss the fundamental scientific questions, and comment on the current research debates about the Moon. The 20 chapters in this special issue cover a wide range of research directions including the formation of the Earth-Moon system, magmatic evolution of the Moon’s mantle, lunar soil development models, evolution of lunar magnetism, and new techniques in lunar exploration, etc. These articles provide detailed reviews on various aspects of lunar research in the past, including cutting-edge research tools, new insights into the key questions and recommendations for future research directions. This special issue does not only reflect the current progress in lunar science, but more importantly, serves as a potential guidance for the scientific goal of future Chinese lunar missions in the next decade.

    Guest Editors

    Yangting Lin
    Professor of Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; fellow of the Meteoritical Society; vice president of the Chinese Society of Space Research. Research interests lie in meteorology and planetary science. Recently, he mainly focuses on the formation of asteroids and the solar system, Martian meteorites and the evolution of Mars, as well as lunar science. He was also the director of China’s first NanoSIMS laboratory, the organizer of the Chinese fieldtrip team of meteorite searching in Antarctica.

    Yun Liu
    Professor of Institute of Geochemistry and Center for Excellence in Comparative Planetology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; the director of International Center for Planetary Science, Chengdu University of Technology. Dr. Liu is an expert in computational isotope geochemistry and geodynamics in planetary accretion. He is currently the director of the academic committee in Institute of Geochemistry, CAS and the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Ore Deposit Geochemistry.

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      December 31st, 2022

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