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The Editors of Ultrafast Science are pleased to share a selection of the journal's top articles published this year. As always with the Science Partner Journals, all content is free to access.

2021 Top Articles

Broadband THz Sources from Gases to Liquids

Yiwen E, Liangliang Zhang, Anton Tcypkin, Sergey Kozlov, Cunlin Zhang, and X.-C. Zhang

Ultrafast Science, vol. 2021, Article ID 9892763, 17 pages, 2021

THz-Enhanced DC Ultrafast Electron Diffractometer

Dongfang Zhang, Tobias Kroh, Felix Ritzkowsky, Timm Rohwer, Moein Fakhari, Huseyin Cankaya, Anne-Laure Calendron, Nicholas H. Matlis, and Franz X. Kärtner

Ultrafast Science, vol. 2021, Article ID 9848526, 7 pages, 2021

Polarization Flipping of Even-Order Harmonics in Monolayer Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides

Yuki Kobayashi, Christian Heide, Hamed Koochaki Kelardeh,Amalya Johnson, Fang Liu, Tony F. Heinz, David A. Reis, and Shambhu Ghimire

Ultrafast Science, vol. 2021, Article ID 9820716, 9 pages, 2021

Femtosecond Laser Precision Engineering: From Micron, Submicron, to Nanoscale

Zhenyuan Lin and Minghui Hong

Ultrafast Science, vol. 2021, Article ID 9783514, 22 pages, 2021